Warning: Can't use blame annotator:
svn blame failed on branches/version-2_5-dev/html/install/sql/drop_view.sql: バイナリファイル 'file:///home/svn/open/branches/version-2_5-dev/html/install/sql/drop_view.sql' に対しては blame で各行の最終変更者を計算できません 195004

source: branches/version-2_5-dev/html/install/sql/drop_view.sql @ 18787

Revision 18787, 250 bytes checked in by nanasess, 12 years ago (diff)


  • add 配下の SQL ファイルを統合
  • INDEX の生成を create_table_*.sql に統合
  • Property svn:mime-type set to application/x-httpd-php; charset=UTF-8
1DROP VIEW vw_category_count;
2DROP VIEW vw_product_class;
3DROP VIEW vw_products_allclass;
4DROP VIEW vw_products_allclass_detail;
5DROP VIEW vw_products_nonclass;
6DROP VIEW vw_cross_products_class;
7DROP VIEW vw_cross_class;
8DROP VIEW vw_download_class;
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