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  • トラックバック関連のテーブルを削除(r20057:20058 の続き)
  • モバイル空メール関連のテーブル削除
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1DROP TABLE dtb_kiyaku;
2DROP TABLE mtb_zip;
3DROP TABLE dtb_bat_order_daily_age;
4DROP TABLE dtb_update;
5DROP TABLE dtb_baseinfo;
6DROP TABLE dtb_deliv;
7DROP TABLE dtb_delivtime;
8DROP TABLE dtb_delivfee;
9DROP TABLE dtb_payment;
10DROP TABLE dtb_mailtemplate;
11DROP TABLE dtb_send_history;
12DROP TABLE dtb_send_customer;
13DROP TABLE dtb_products;
14DROP TABLE dtb_products_class;
15DROP TABLE dtb_product_status;
16DROP TABLE dtb_class;
17DROP TABLE dtb_classcategory;
18DROP TABLE dtb_class_combination;
19DROP TABLE dtb_category;
20DROP TABLE dtb_product_categories;
21DROP TABLE dtb_bat_order_daily;
22DROP TABLE dtb_bat_order_daily_hour;
23DROP TABLE dtb_recommend_products;
24DROP TABLE dtb_review;
25DROP TABLE dtb_customer_reading;
26DROP TABLE dtb_category_count;
27DROP TABLE dtb_category_total_count;
28DROP TABLE dtb_news;
29DROP TABLE dtb_best_products;
30DROP TABLE dtb_mail_history;
31DROP TABLE dtb_customer;
32DROP TABLE dtb_order;
33DROP TABLE dtb_order_temp;
34DROP TABLE dtb_shipping;
35DROP TABLE dtb_shipment_item;
36DROP TABLE dtb_other_deliv;
37DROP TABLE dtb_order_detail;
38DROP TABLE mtb_pref;
39DROP TABLE dtb_member;
40DROP TABLE dtb_bat_relate_products;
41DROP TABLE dtb_pagelayout;
42DROP TABLE dtb_bloc;
43DROP TABLE dtb_blocposition;
44DROP TABLE dtb_csv;
45DROP TABLE dtb_csv_sql;
46DROP TABLE dtb_templates;
47DROP TABLE dtb_table_comment;
48DROP TABLE dtb_ownersstore_settings;
49DROP TABLE dtb_module_update_logs;
50DROP TABLE mtb_work;
51DROP TABLE mtb_wday;
52DROP TABLE mtb_taxrule;
53DROP TABLE mtb_target;
54DROP TABLE mtb_status_image;
55DROP TABLE mtb_status;
56DROP TABLE mtb_sex;
57DROP TABLE mtb_review_deny_url;
58DROP TABLE mtb_reminder;
59DROP TABLE mtb_recommend;
60DROP TABLE mtb_product_status_color;
61DROP TABLE mtb_product_list_max;
62DROP TABLE mtb_permission;
63DROP TABLE mtb_page_rows;
64DROP TABLE mtb_page_max;
65DROP TABLE mtb_order_status_color;
66DROP TABLE mtb_order_status;
67DROP TABLE mtb_mail_type;
68DROP TABLE mtb_mail_tpl_path;
69DROP TABLE mtb_mail_template;
70DROP TABLE mtb_mail_magazine_type;
71DROP TABLE mtb_magazine_type;
72DROP TABLE mtb_mobile_domain;
73DROP TABLE mtb_job;
74DROP TABLE mtb_disp;
75DROP TABLE mtb_disable_logout;
76DROP TABLE mtb_delivery_date;
77DROP TABLE mtb_db;
78DROP TABLE mtb_convenience;
79DROP TABLE mtb_conveni_message;
80DROP TABLE mtb_constants;
81DROP TABLE mtb_class;
82DROP TABLE mtb_authority;
83DROP TABLE mtb_allowed_tag;
84DROP TABLE mtb_ownersstore_err;
85DROP TABLE mtb_ownersstore_ips;
86DROP TABLE dtb_maker;
87DROP TABLE dtb_maker_count;
88DROP TABLE dtb_holiday;
89DROP TABLE dtb_customer_favorite_products;
90DROP TABLE mtb_product_type;
91DROP TABLE mtb_device_type;
92DROP TABLE dtb_module;
93DROP TABLE dtb_session;
94DROP TABLE dtb_mobile_ext_session_id;
95DROP TABLE dtb_bkup;
96DROP TABLE dtb_plugin;
97DROP TABLE dtb_index_list;
98DROP TABLE dtb_payment_options;
99DROP TABLE dtb_mailmaga_template;
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